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Life in theory….

With all that is going on in the world, I can't tell you how many people are disappointed in life.  Not just their life, but life in general.  I get it, and I feel it.  With political divide growing, a never ending pandemic, crazy weather in Texas that has never...

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This is your story

You ever stop and think about how crappy this last year has been? I'm pretty sure if you have a pulse, you have. Every day feels like another day closer to "hopefully soon this will be behind us..." (And just in case you have been under a rock, of course I am talking...

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I want to take a moment and talk about projection…

If you saw my video from the other day, I got ripped in to (in a private Mom's group) because I mentioned that once upon a time I pushed the mattress out of my kids room... And this did NOT set well with her, she didn't hold back in any way shape or form...I was in...

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Mom of two grown ass girls and married to a short guy who is funny and cooks really well! I’m a photographer by trade, so you can say I’m a bit “peopley”. My favorite sessions are the one on ones where I just get to chat and find out about my clients. I’m blessed with what I get to do every day! Blessed by the support of my husband and kids, and blessed by the ongoing support and encouragement of my friends who are always lifting me up.


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