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The things you learn…

I haven't been writing consistently in quite a while.  Many years back, I vowed to do a blog post a day...and I did... for a few years.  It was easy, because I had stuff on my mind that was quick to "put to paper"... But somehow, I became a little disenchanted after a...

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Upward and Forward

This past year, I have barely written...actually maybe last few years.  I have gotten pummeled by life on an emotional level and shut myself down so much that I didn't want to write my truth for fear of hurting others.  But alas, the words are bubbling up as I have...

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God is good and we are blessed

It really is the simplest of things that make me take pause and a moment of appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us everywhere. I once said that I don’t like getting flowers as a gift because they die but I shot myself in the foot on that one. I don’t care if...

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Mom of two grown ass girls and married to a short guy who is funny and cooks really well! I’m a photographer by trade, so you can say I’m a bit “peopley”. My favorite sessions are the one on ones where I just get to chat and find out about my clients. I’m blessed with what I get to do every day! Blessed by the support of my husband and kids, and blessed by the ongoing support and encouragement of my friends who are always lifting me up.


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