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Well, it's here. At least in our part of the country, schools have started. First day pictures have flooded facebook pages and as a photographer I can honestly say, I see it in the faces of all the kids... THIS SUCKS!!! My daughter was a Class of 2020 "graduate". I...

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Dear Class of 2021 (from a Class of 2020 mom)

It's here. The day you have waited for...The first of the lasts...the big ones one campus, so much to look forward to, it's senior year... THIS IS IT!!! ....but at the same time... it's NOT! What the hell happened? This isn't what you signed up for! This isn't what...

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The Beauty of Getting Away

We are in what feels like the forever middle of a Pandemic. If you have anything related to internet or a TV, you can't get through the day without hearing "Covid-19" or "Coronavirus"... It's literally insane. I keep telling myself we are literally in the middle of...

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Keeping it Light in Dark Times

These are some dark times. These last (how many months has it been?) have tried us on so many levels. There are times (and I know I am not alone) that I couldn't believe what I was seeing. And with each day, I think tomorrow will be better, only, there are more trials...

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Thirty one days of Enrichment

Covid 19 statewide quarantine! This is it.  It's been called.  Thirty one days of "Stay in your home" for all California residents. How do you weigh in? A prison sentence? A challenge? Hell on earth? Or a chance to grow? I will admit; when it was called, I was mixed...

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Mom of two grown ass girls and married to a short guy who is funny and cooks really well! I’m a photographer by trade, so you can say I’m a bit “peopley”. My favorite sessions are the one on ones where I just get to chat and find out about my clients. I’m blessed with what I get to do every day! Blessed by the support of my husband and kids, and blessed by the ongoing support and encouragement of my friends who are always lifting me up.