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How toxicity bleeds…

In the last few years, I have been involved in some group situations and I have seen how people operate.  For the most part, people are lovely; no issues, everyone wants to get along and have a good time. But then there are the few... Decades ago, I started working in...

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When the fog has lifted…..

Have you ever had someone so much in your head that you can't think? Only, they have been in your head so long you didn't realize it wasn't your voice anymore, but you didn't realize it? This year I have done a lot of reflecting and I'm realizing the messages that I...

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Bless and Release!

There are times in your life when you have to take stock of who you are giving your energy to. Yesterday was an awesome (and sad day) because I realized that someone I thought was a friend was acting alternatively behind my back and projecting negativity to others in...

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Bi Polar Day

Yesterday was a whole ass bi-polar day.  The last few days I have been struggling with a knot in my stomach (aka anxiety) and it's been building.  This time of year is hard regardless, but with what I have been through this year, including but not limited to a few...

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Mom of two grown ass girls and married to a short guy who is funny and cooks really well! I’m a photographer by trade, so you can say I’m a bit “peopley”. My favorite sessions are the one on ones where I just get to chat and find out about my clients. I’m blessed with what I get to do every day! Blessed by the support of my husband and kids, and blessed by the ongoing support and encouragement of my friends who are always lifting me up.


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