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Today, I was inspired… Today I was saddened… I was reminded how cruel kids could be as I took pictures of one of my favorite kids.  She heard hurtful words.  Teen years are SO CRUEL. If I had one Goal in life, it would be to combat the horrors of teen life… Build them up…Empower them…let them know they are NOT alone….EVER!!!!  Here is my letter to a girl who I would gladly consider my own……

Today, as  I took your picture you were sad because someone said your pictures were “UGLY”…

Let me tell you girl… In all my years of life, I can see beauty!
YOU…are BEAUTY..Inside AND OUT!!!
Remember these words… HURT PEOPLE..HURT PEOPLE!!!
Happy people don’t hurt people.
Those words were uttered by someone confused and unknowing.
I have lived a long time.  I have been subject to these words.
I have a sister who is thin and fit.   And I was always told, “you have such a beautiful face”….
…… a beautiful face…….. what about the rest of me?
I have heard people say, “with Cathy’s face and Maureen’s body, she’d be perfect!”
Sorry Pal, I come from a different world… JOY….within one’s self…
Perfect is NOT judging others for who YOU THINK they should be.
I’m thankful to have lived long enough to know, that perfection is joy in the moment.  Appreciation… to LOVE and to be loved.  Perfection ISN’T in what one looks like…but who one IS… a WHOLE…what one truly offers to the world!
So to expect that one looks at you…and judges you with SHALLOW observation … know that the fault is within THEM and not YOU!!
Perfection is internal joy.  Internal acceptance and acceptance of others just as they are.
Life is amazing in the moments, not in the perception of perfection that others tout as truth.
We are all unique in who we are, and we ALL bring amazing gifts to the table.  No ONE of us is “perfect” as a whole. But we ARE “Perfect” in who we are by what we bring to the world, with what we are GIVEN as our own beauty!
Do NOT let others bring you down!!!  You RALLY around those who understand who you are, and let them build you up when you are weak!!!
And you should NEVER aspire to be anything other than yourself…because everyone else is already taken!!
You are here for a REASON!! Find your purpose and grow beyond the reaches of what anyone else ever thought possible!!!
Love you to pieces girl!!  YOU GOT THIS!!!!
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