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WOW, how often can you look across the world and realize that we are ALL in this together?

Worldwide panic has ensued and here we are, quarantined in our homes (for those of us who can actually get there) for the sake of quashing this “Pandemic” that has plagued our world.

These are scary times.  NOT because of this so-called pandemic.  But because of the way people are handling themselves in the face of it all.  People are literally HOARDING items that we all need and could benefit from in our lives.  The bare necessities as it were.  Is THIS who we ARE?  Is THIS our BEST?

Some people were interviewed about their purchase (or OVER purchase) of these items.  The answers were that they were afraid they would be all gone when they actually needed them so they just overbought.

Can we just let that sink in for a bit…

In my honest opinion, all logic has left the wheelhouse and the train has departed to CRAZY TOWN.. and what happened after that?  MORE PEOPLE JUMPED ON BOARD.

I’m literally sitting here shaking my head wondering what in the ever-loving….

I don’t doubt that we are at risk. I do doubt we are being told the truth.  And I DO doubt that this was handled properly.  But I do believe good intentions were meant.

Sadly in the day of social media, information spreads quickly.  And MIS information spreads like WILDFIRE.  And for whatever reason, people are more inclined to jump on the misinformation before asking logical questions that would quell the fears in people.

The media has a huge role in this and not for the good.

Back in the days of Walter Cronkite, there was something called unbiased reporting.  He sat there and read the facts that were given to him and people were left to disseminate from there.

In today’s world of heavy opinions and harsh judgments, everyone has their own opinions and there is no bending, and everyone is quick to knee-jerk reactions.

I don’t know why people targeted toilet paper.  I’m sure that one will leave us all scratching our heads for a long time.  One Costco Package can get our family through for at least a month.  We aren’t building mummies over here… But I think I have to let that one go.

Hand sanitizer and cleaning products I can understand, to a degree.  But honestly, if we go back to basics, if we all just practiced common sense, we would be better off, and likely more civil to each other.

But here we are… hanging out at home; events canceled, schools and school functions canceled and for what?  Because we haven’t learned to stay home when we are sick.  And now this crazy virus is purported to be a pandemic (which simply means prevalent worldwide, NOT that it’s coming to every home), and everyone is losing all common sense.

I really don’t have all the answers to how this could have been handled better.  It all got out of hand so fast, and yet here we are… Literally, a WORLD that is all dealing with the same issue and the fallout is insanity.

So what are you going to do about it?  How will you respond?  What is your plan now?

I know what my plan is.  First, it’s to do my best to take everything in stride.  We can’t control the situation, but we CAN control how we respond to it.  Be kind.  Realize that we have been VERY fortunate for a lot of years to not have a world crisis on our hands.  But we are naive to think we are invincible.  Help where you can.  I just saw a post of a woman offering to shop for immuno-compromised families.

There is very little we can do about the hand that has been dealt us.   Let’s face it.  THIS SUCKS!!  NO one saw this coming (well, some did, but for the rest of us going about our lives, notsomuch).

All I can say is, if you have a God, pray and pray hard.  If you don’t, then send your best positive energy that this will be better soon.  But no matter what, through it all…JUST.BE.KIND.  Be fair to the rest and realize you aren’t in this alone.  There is not one person on this planet at this time that isn’t aware of what’s going on.

Commiseration is good.   Let’s get through this TOGETHER in positivity.  Even Mickey and Minnie are feeling this and you know that is a rarity!

Be the good you wish to see in the world. ~Ghandi

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