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Here we are…another year and another crack at making things better than they were before.  This years mantra that  I have heard more than most, “New year, new YOU!”  But what was wrong with the old you?

The holidays went fast, but ever year in the last 3 years I hear one line in a classic carol, “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” which states, “Next year all our troubles will be miles away….”

REALLY?  When is that actually going to jump into effect?  Because I’m still waiting.  And to be honest, this year I was more erked than ever because I feel we are totally losing our grip as a society, and our troubles are closer than ever.  Or is it just me?

Every year we start with the promise of “all new, all better”. We dust off the last years trials, put on our big kid boots and trudge into the new year AS IF it’s going to be any different from years past.

But all I see is an ongoing trend of looking at what sucked and forgetting what was actually GOOD!

Why do we have to wait for a NEW YEAR to have a New resolution, when the truth is, we have EVERY DAY to give it a go and do our best!

I was taking a walk today and I felt like I had fresh eyes, yes because it was the first day of the new year…but I pondered why we do this to ourselves every year?

And as I was walking the final leg of my walk, I came upon a tree that was blooming so beautifully.  The top of it was round and perfect with small blooms of flowers every here and there.  But the base of the tree was what intrigued me… It was a mass of crazy bendy, tangled branches that all pushed out in their own way to contribute to the beautiful presentation at the top.  And I couldn’t help but feel how that one tree emulated life in so many ways.

If we were trees, most would want a strong trunk solid and perfectly round, pushed up high, with beautiful branches in perfect display.  And though there are trees like that, the truth is, life tends to make its own path and sometimes send us in different directions which result in a longer destination to the top.  However…if you put the two trees side by side, I’d be much more intrigued with the windy, bendy tree…Why did one branch bend to the left, while another bent to the right and two others intersect in opposite directions passing each other to get to the top?  I took my time as I walked around this tree and I thought of my own life choices and how I got where I am today.  I know for sure I’m not where I want to be.  I have some things I would like to change, or go back to, as I was there just a few short years ago.  If I had stayed on my path, I’d have been more like the solid trunk tree…. but instead, I made some choices that sent me sideways and backwards and up and down… And I have a lot of stories along the way!

I think it’s great that we take the time every year to evaluate where we are and where we would like to go.  We should constantly be looking at ourselves and try to become better versions of ourselves.  But I don’t think we need to wait until the new year.  I think if we do choose to make a resolution for ourselves, it’s to check in more regularly and keep assessing our goals.  Ask ourselves what we are doing to keep ourselves honest.  Also to keep an accountability group around to check in with you.

When we are feeling weak, our minds will always quit first.  I know my goal this year is to not let my mind win if it means losing sight of what I want.  As for what I want…I have a few things in mind.  Now I need to get the rest of my ducks in order to make that happen.  But I refuse to look at 2017 as a total loss, because there was a lot of growth that happened and I am very grateful.

I’m happy to call myself the windy, bendy tree.  I’d rather have more stories along the way and not be perfect.  I’d much rather be interesting.

Be kind to yourself this year…and while you’re at it…be kind to others.  Everyone you know is fighting their own battles.  Not everyone shares it like I do!

Happy New Year!

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