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Well, I wish more people knew about my blog since this is where I will be posting my thoughts until I’m out of Facebook Jail.

Can someone PLEASE take me back to 2019 when I could be sarcastic with people and actually LAUGH?  This last two years is a complete diminishment on the fabric of who we are.  I cannot look at pictures pre 2020 without thinking, “the good ol’ days”.  Now we are in this endless circle of hell and you can’t go along in your day without getting dinged for something.  It really is enough elevate anxiety and increase bouts of depression.

Though I do get stuck in those moments at times, I have to stop and reassess.  In my world, everything happens for a reason, I just have to stop and figure out what that reason is.

In the past few months I have made some significant changes to my life and started working on personal goals.  One of those goals was to write more.  Now that I am in facebook jail, I have nothing by time to reflect (well, or scroll TikTok, which I am also trying to minimize), I have time to reflect and put my words to paper.

I turned off the news long ago, because depending what side you are on, you can turn to YOUR channel and hear what YOU want.  And conversely, those on the “other” side, have “their” channel.  If you haven’t figured it out; news is NOT what it used to be.  The days of Walter Cronkite and unbiased news are LOOONNGGG gone.  The days of Johnny Carson and authentic comedy are also gone.  Now, anyone with a platform uses it to abuse their place of power to spew whatever they want, and their loyal followers listen.

I won’t lie…I did that for a while.  But the more I listened, the more I lost myself, and I really hate that feeling.

In this “pandemic” whirlwind, it’s so easy to get caught up in all the latest “rules” and “mandates” and find ways to fight each other.  But as I learned decades ago, being the fourth out of five kids… life is a lot more fun when you can duck and weave away from all that, and do what brings joy.

I believe in vibrational health (keep it clean people).  I believe that we all operate at certain vibrational frequencies and I believe we can change those frequencies if we change our thinking.

Pre-pandemic, I was at the high stress frequency; constantly going, no time to think; it was Avery’s senior year and we had just finished banquet.  Life leading up to Banquet is always hectic, scrambling for this or that…  Literally days after banquet, shut downs happened.  (If I knew then what I know now…). My frequency went from high stress to chill, to yikes… to OMG over the course of a few months.  The news was all we had to keep up to date and it was TERRIFYING … All consuming, even… Pretty soon, my vibrational level went way down… Sadness and withdrawal kicked in and things got dark.  Once the pity party was over it was time to collect myself and do what I could do.  My job was still intact; seniors still wanted to get their pictures done, we just did it in a whole different fashion (that is a blog unto itself.  Remind me and I will tell you).

If not for my job (photographer), I would have sunk so low.  But people really lifted me, and the session and images helped lift the kids.  It was truly amazing, the perspective that happened over those times and the realization that I get to help people feel good about themselves!! What a gift!

As things went on with the pandemic, the fear started sinking in and people were getting nasty.  I decided to buy some “Be Kind” shirts and wear them like a damn billboard to remind people to keep it nice!  I literally had (have) one for every day of the week.  The shirts got a great response from anyone seeing them and it even sparked conversations in good ways.  I could literally feel myself being lifted a bit more.  Also during this time I started realizing how blessed I have been and how amazing people really are.  My vibration lifted more.  With that realization, I started practicing gratitude…ACTUAL Gratitude in the little every day things.  And with that…higher vibrational frequency.

The interesting thing when you raise your frequency…the more you practice, the more you attract.  If you have read or are aware of “The Secret” (book by Rhonda Byrne – was all the rage in “the good ol days), there is so much truth to it.

Have you ever met someone who is always down on their luck?  Like…they can’t catch a break?  Conversely, have you ever met someone who seems to have ALL the luck coming their way? … like so much so, it’s literally ANNOYING!?  THAT is what I am talking about.

I heard it said that people who win the lottery lose their money because they are not living at the vibrational frequency that can hold the money.  At first I thought…NAHHHH…. but now, I totally get it.  Successful people earn their way to the top…they raise their vibration every step of the way, so when they achieve success, they maintain it.  And those who end up filing bankruptcy (because that does happen), they usually get it back eventually.

There is a lot to be said about this and whether you believe it or not, is up to you.  But for myself, I have felt it happen over the last year, and I literally feel so much joy in my soul that I haven’t felt in a long time.  I don’t want that to go away, therefore I will continue practicing what has worked for me.

So when I’m put in FB Jail, I am not going to let it get me down (even though I love the mental break it affords)… I will redirect and stay productive (even more so actually) and count my blessings and realize that this was meant to be.  One of my goals for myself was to spend less (wasted) time on Social media.  I actually GAVE that to myself by being a sarcastic mamajamma to some stranger who was talking shit on herself.  If Jail is the consequence…so be it.  I have better things to do in my life to enrich myself and head quickly into the direction I want to go.

THAT SAID…if you want to follow me…this might be the place to be.  I can say whatever I want here, I just can’t really interact with anyone, which sucks.  But if you know me, then you know how to get ahold of me.  I’ll be over here working on my vibrational frequency!!

Have a great day!

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