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Okay, so yes; I’m writing a second blog today.  Although, I’m gonna call it my first; because this mornings was more of a movie review.  And as this is MY blog….I can do what I want!!!

I noticed something this morning and I had to share.  I worked out with Heidi at her boot camp as I have been doing the last few weeks.  As I’m still dealing with stomach issues, because I’m just too stupid to do what I need to do, I have been getting better with my foodchoices but I still have a ways to go.Life is a journey.   It’s about doing something, seeing if it works, and if it doesn’t – then you tweak it until it does.  I have been much better about not having coffee and I dare say, I left the house this morning without a stitch of caffeine in my system.  And I’m still awake.  I will call that a bravo!

But this morning, when I got up, I REALLY wanted cereal for breakfast.  Now, here is my problem with cereal…..  It’s REALLY hard for me to control how much I eat, because I always want either a REALLY big bowl, or I go for two smaller bowls. (Thinking I can get by on the first but always pour myself more).  Am I the only one who does this????

I know it’s stupid.  But I do it repeatedly.  THIS is the part that is a journey for me.  Because in the last week, I have been better about having a smoothie and I have FELT better because of it!

But this morning’s decision weighed heavy on me.  Literally!!!!

I went to Heidi’s boot camp and I told her going in, that I was gonna go easy on myself, because I didn’t want to lose my breakfast.  She is a kind soul and didn’t counsel me; which is why I always go back.

What I noticed, is not only does my body no process cereal well; but it makes working out THAT much harder!!!

On Friday, when I had a smoothie, I was bouncing on the broad jumps.  I even caught up to my friend and pinched her butt to let her know I caught her.

This morning, I couldn’t catch a snail!

What a serious difference.

Now, for me to make a better decision on Wednesday, when I workout again – I need to remember this awful feeling!!!

I’m not saying I can’t have cereal ever again.  But I need to realize it is NOT good workout food for me.  And the fact that I can’t seem to control my portions is a bit of an issue too.

My goal right now is to become healthier and feel like I did when I turned 40.  I was at the top of my game!!  I was running at least 3 days a week (usually 5 miles) and strength training 2 days a week.

I’m already seeing a difference in my body; and at one point, when we were doing fence runs, I could feel that I was becoming more powerful.  But I was so overly focused on not losing my breakfast, that I’m sure I cheated myself at least 30% of effort (and an hour of my time) suffering through the workout.

If you don’t think food matters, think again!!!  Food IS fuel!!  And if you wouldn’t put sand in your gas tank….you might think twice before working out on Cinnamon Life.  Better served as a dessert than a breakfast.

But maybe that’s just my opinion!!

Happy Monday (squared)

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