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Yesterday was a day … we all headed over to mom‘s house and plowed through her garage emptying probably 50+ years worth of stuff. Found old pictures, old letters…
Nana was a sassy lady. A letter that she wrote to my dad (in 1961) was basically telling him that he was a mixed up kid and this was her last letter, and he had better not bother to write her again because she would take that letter and stick it in an envelope and mail it right back to him.
Found another letter from my dad to my mom four months later and they had obviously mended their ways. my dad was not gonna let my mom go at any cost.they have some crazy stories for sure.
We ended the day with pizza, salad and wine with a campfire and nice conversation.
Mom would be very proud that we are all working together. Still much to do but so grateful everyone is pitching in… It makes all the difference in the world.
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