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You ever think about life?  I mean… REALLY think about it?  It kind of sucks sometimes, doesn’t it?

It’s such a mixed bag of, “OMG this is AWESOME” and “OMG HOW DID I GET HERE?”…  You know what I mean, don’t you?

We spend our lives looking for perfection, yet we are looking through a fractured glass and the true answer is never clearly in sight… So what do we rely on?… how we were raised, and the filters we have developed in life…many not so positive.

We are all broken on some level.  Some are more aware than others, but the truth is, there is no real guide book, and so we trudge through life hoping for the best…

I watched a documentary tonight on Robin Williams (I am still not done mourning his loss), he was a tortured soul… and as I watched the unraveling of his life, something hit me between the eyes…

We all “cope” to fill in the gaps of what we think perfection is…

Life is a CRAZY ride.  And the longer I live, the more I realize that we are all given pieces of an enormous puzzle, but so many pieces are missing that we never see the whole picture.  So we spend our lives trying to fill the gaps.  And in all honesty..the puzzle is too great to comprehend.

I talk to and listen to a LOT of people from MANY mediums of life.  It’s a crazy ride listening to stories from strangers who freely let you in on their journeys.  Sometimes it’s social media…sometimes it’s at the pump at a gas station.  What I have found is ….

We are ALL THE SAME!!!

We go through life trying to figure it all out.

Some people are convinced that they have it…while others look around, asking for advice and guidance every step of the way.

And here’s the truth…


I wish more people realized that we are all lost on some level.  That we are all vulnerable, and that we will die at some undetermined and undisclosed moment.  That all we have is today…now…each other…

What I see is a whole lot of people fighting each other for the sake of the “greater good” when most people have lost their way and are begging to get back on track.

I wish most people realized they are NOT alone in this life, but standing next to their brother/sister in life who are just as lost as they are.  Some just fake it better than others…

For some reason (and I don’t know why), we look at others and think we are staring at those who have it all together.  When in reality, some are less forthcoming with their fears and insecurities than others.

Well, I can honestly tell you this… No one has it ALL figured out.  There is scrambling of some sort on all sides.

I have said this before…the more I share, the more I get back.  The more I realize that people WANT to be honest, the more I see they fear being judged.

The bottom line is, we are all in this together.  We find ways to cope to get through in life, but we are all flailing on SOME level and we all LOVE when we can trust in another to admit that we’d love words of encouragement, support, and hope.

As I watched the documentary on Robin Williams, from the outside he looked liked he had it all together.  But his life was chaos and his mind never rested.  He was brilliant and tortured at the same time- as are many of us.

I think the real poison of life is in looking at what others have, and looking away from the gifts you have been given and what you have to offer.  In thinking that everyone else has it better than you….

I wish people would wake up and realize we are all blessed on some level and we are NEVER alone.  But for whatever reason, when one is sad, anxious or lost, they can’t imagine that another has ever felt the same.

I often see on Facebook pages, “Has anyone ever felt, seen, lived, done this?”…  and ALWAYS, inevitably someone will respond YES, YES and YESSSSS!”  Yet for some reason this doesn’t suffice and many still feel alone.

Life is a crazy journey.  It’s gone on before us and will go on after us.  We are a blip on the screen of time.

I pray you never feel alone in your thoughts because I KNOW for a fact, that your emotions existed before you.  That others have felt as you do and that some have prevailed and some have not.

Please know if you feel ANYTHING….someone has felt before you.

This too shall pass and do your best to work toward a better you.  As long as you live, you will NEVER be alone.  You just have to open yourself to another, that you will find comfort and solace.

My prayers go out to those who suffer silently, and I pray that you find the help you need.  There is light before you.  Just trust, open yourself and ask for help.  No one ever promised that life would be easy…but it IS worth it….

Sending light and happiness your way….

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