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Covid 19 statewide quarantine!

This is it.  It’s been called.  Thirty one days of “Stay in your home” for all California residents.

How do you weigh in?

A prison sentence?

A challenge?

Hell on earth?

Or a chance to grow?

I will admit; when it was called, I was mixed on my feelings.  My first thought was, “OMG YASS!!!  Let’s get this OVER with!” …then reality started to sink in.  I wasn’t much of a camper, and we aren’t gamers….we are kind of lazy home folks and all I see is a lot of laying around.  I instantly jumped to a bit of fear!

The truth is, we as a people are all over the place.  We don’t know WHAT to think.  There is SO much information going around, and some of it feels REALLY scary!

In recent days, I have posted videos on facebook about anxiety and what it’s like to deal in these stressful days.

Just a few weeks ago, we as a nation were going STRONG!  Thinks were on the uprise, employment rates low, confidence high, spending high… and then BOOM… Covid 19, WORLDWIDE shut down, recession/depression in the looming and a month home with no work, much loss of income, businesses closing, bankruptcies in the waiting and stress and anxiety at an all time high.  All from this random virus that popped up out of no where and decided to travel the world.

NO ONE can deny that these are scary times.

It’s hard to disseminate the accurate news from the fluff, with all the information coming at us faster than the speed of light.

But as a lifelong anxiety sufferer, who is trying to figure it out, I can’t help but stop and take a breath and bring it all back in to ground zero.

I’ve been through this before.  This tragedy, this travesty, this abomination in the world.  I go through it on the daily.  I have been going through it all for decades…. And it’s hell!

When we are kids, we have no concept.  We go through life, in the moment, laughing, crying and then moving on.  We can’t WAIT to get older!

With each phase of life, we can’t wait for the next.  You can’t wait to graduate from school, so you can be independent.  You can’t wait to get  a job and earn money and have your own place.  You can’t wait to get married and have kids.  With each phase you think things will get easier.

Only each phase in life has its own different kind of hard attached to it.  A phase that leaves you longing for the LAST type of hard.

You have children and you lose sleep. You are so tired, you can’t wait until they have a regular sleeping pattern, only now that they do, they are so active when they are awake, you are exhausted when they finally go to bed, and even then, they don’t always sleep through the night.  Then they go to school and they have struggles there and you think as they get older, it will get easier, only, it’s a different kind of hard… and on and on and on goes the dance of life.

I know this, because I am there.  I’m in the final phase of life where my kid graduates and my hubs and I are FREE to travel the world with no strings attached….

Hello Covid 19.  Buh Bye senior prom.  Buh buy graduation… just buy bye…

PROOF that life is ever changing in its ebbs and flows …

Here is the GOOD news from what I have learned over the decades of my life.

Life will never continue to be all great or all bad.  But when things are going great, the bad will rear its ugly head to remind you to never be off your guard.

Life happens in moments.  You will always have good moments and bad moments.  If you are lucky, you will learn to appreciate the good moments and take them in with every last breath you have.

In this day and time, emotions are flying high.  People are lost, stuck at home, some self employed like myself and there is no control to be had.  The cards have been dealt and we have to abide.

It is a scary time. There is NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!

So what now?  What will you choose to do?

I have been thinking long and hard about this one.  My business is ALWAYS at the discretion of the buyer (so to speak).  And I have no control over what they decide.  So I must decide for myself.

We have 31 days people.  THIRTY ONE DAYS of “What are you gonna do with your life?”  Thirty one days of ‘make your choice!”  And I have decided….

I’m going for door number one Bob…..


What better way to spend time than learning something new, or doing something that will just make you feel good!

I don’t have a full plan yet.  Going to take this one day by day, but I am inviting any an all to join in, and even suggest ideas!

One thing I can pretty much say with confidence.

NO ONE saw this coming (and if you are prophetic, just shhhh) and we were not prepared for this.

But…I can HONESTLY say…we are ALL in this TOGETHER…and TOGETHER we shall PREVAIL!!!

Education, self enrichment, self care, self love (and love for those around us).  Let’s come together in positivity, come up with great ideas, get creative and GET THROUGH THIS!!!

The more we comply, the sooner this goes.  LET’S DO THIS!!!

Covid 19 OUT!!!!!


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