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I’m officially fed up!  I just read that someone decided to take a sledgehammer and pick ax to Donald Trumps star on the walk of fame…..

I’m disgusted on so many levels, I don’t know where to start.

And before you get up in arms with your political views, this is NOT about politics.  This is about being a DECENT human being who has respect for others and honor for our country!

When did we become so entitled that we can’t live and let live?

What purpose does it serve to desecrate any property?  Is it going to change anyone’s political values?  The guys hasn’t even been voted into office, yet someone finds the need to take the time and plot something so ridiculous…and for what?

I can’t wait to hear his story.  I doubt he will take the blame, because after all this is America.  NO one takes blame in america anymore.  As long as we can blame someone or something else, we’re all good!

This election has brought out the absolute ugliest in people and I’m blown away at how everyone can justify their nasty actions through it all.

I swear we are losing ourselves as people…..

I was driving my daughter to school this morning and she said, ‘You know mom, you are so lucky, you really lived the life growing up!’  I said, “Ya…I did!”

Not that we weren’t without issues back then.  But is sure does seem that things are getting worse.  And it makes me want to cry.

There are character flaws in both our candidates.  No matter who wins the election, America loses.  It’s a fact.  The mudslinging that has gone on in this campaign from our potential presidential candidates has given America free license to act like 3 year olds and throw fits and cast nasty words at each other….

He who is without sin cast the first stone……

If you are a parent, and your children hear your nastiness, please take note that you are training them how to behave.

I feel like we are losing our dignity and civility as a nation.  People aren’t taking responsibility for their actions; blame is a new way of life; no one is allowed to have their own opinions without someone blasting them and respect has gone down the drain.

Take a STAND, people….  bring back dignity.  Bring back honor.  Bring back respect!

I have seen things that my friends post that make me CRINGE….  But I keep scrolling, because they have a right to believe what they want.

We are all shaped by our past and what we have learned as we grow.  The age of entitlement does not look good on America.

I pray that whatever comes this election it is for the best for this country.  There is no turning back and no matter how many monuments you trash, it will not make a difference in the future of this country.  It will, however make a difference on how everyone see’s you….

As my mother always taught me….Sweeten your words with sugar, because someday you may have to eat them…..

God Bless America

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