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Ohhhhh relationships are hard….

Life is such a journey sometimes it’s hard to get perspective.

Every relationship has it’s proper balance whether it’s Parent, Child, Sibling, Friend, Spouse… they all have a recipe that is built for success.. or death….

Have you ever thought about your proper balance?

Lately I have heard many people complaining about what they are lacking in their relationships.  But I can’t help but stop and wonder… “YOU?  What about THEM?”

There’s always two sides to every story.

Everyone seems to be hell bent on their own happiness … and who can blame them?  Who doesn’t want to be happy?  But the question is this…  Where do you expect your happiness to come from?

I learned long ago that happiness comes from within.  Achieving it is a whole other battle.  That is for us to achieve on our own. And hopefully we do before we get into a relationship with another.  Because if not…chances are you are hoping for someone else to fill you up… and in my experience…that is not an achievable task…

Imagine a flower and a Gardener… a flower starts from a seed. In order for it to grow, it needs a perfect balance of water, sun, nutrients and care to ensure it’s ability to thrive.   If one thing is off kilter… the success is compromised.

I was talking with my mom tonight about a relationship where so much salt was thrown at the roots, that this ‘plant’ in question would never thrive.

In a relationship it isn’t about one feeding the other, so to speak.  It’s about both feeding each other.  It’s about two plants wanting to thrive but each plant needs to come to the table in good enough shape to survive on their own.

If you tend to someone else’s garden too much…who will tend to yours?  And what will suffer in the process.

If you aren’t a Gardener, this conversation is completely lost on you.  And I’m sorry (not really).

The bottom line is this….You cannot expect someone to build you up when you aren’t strong enough to hold yourself up.  And you should never expect another to help you thrive while they wilt.

Remember, we all need love, support, sun, fertilizer and water… if you stand their expecting to be fed while that which is next to you starves… you deserve to wilt…

Make sense of that….


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