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The last few weeks have been one step forward, two steps back. I started walking regularly to work off “the Covid 19” then my back went out. I have spent the last week sitting mostly (okay so that feels like five steps back).
Today I was able to get out and walk 3:16 miles (don’t laugh, but I always think John 3:16 when I see that and it makes me remember to be grateful). As I was walking I was listening to a Podcast of Brené Brown speaking with Dolly Parton. I absolutely adore this woman to the CORE of my being. She is the most grounded, giving, humble, kind, talented woman and storyteller. Just to listen to her speak, my heart is so happy. I’m on a quest to pull myself forward; make 2021 the best that it can be in MY world in as much as I can control it. Dolly Parton reminds me to be grateful, give back and be joyful. If you saw me walking up Jeronimo (huffing and puffing) with a stupid smile on my face, you now know why!!!
After my walk, I came home and cleaned, did some editing, grocery shopped and made an inspired dinner (huge mess for just one person to eat, but no regrets because now mom gets a nice surprise tomorrow when I deliver her some Beef Stroganoff). But one of the funnest parts of my day was setting up my ring light. Ya, I said it….RING LIGHT!!! HAHAHA… I keep thinking about doing a Youtube channel, I have so many thoughts that I think it’s time to start putting it all together.
I’m not kidding when I tell you that I sat at my dining room table with the light on ALMOST going live, but looked like a drown rat from my walk and decided to put it off. But it’s literally the little things in life anymore….
So, here is what is going to happen… i am going to start formulating thoughts and I’m going to make it happen. I am fine looking the fool if it doesn’t work out, but I really do need SOMETHING to continue to pull me forward and my goal this year is baby steps.
So wish me luck as I go forward, and if you have questions or topic ideas, let me know, email, text or PM me… I’m open to answering whatever you throw at me.
Tomorrow I’m back at Saddleback (well not back there but at home on Zoom with new classes.). Focusing on music right now and looking forward to the commitment!!
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