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For one of his final projects, Rent a Son said I had to write a personality sketch about him. It’s clearly stated on the paperwork for his project and it said, “Have someone close to you write about you and explain you as though they are telling it to someone who has never met you.”

Many people are confused at who my Rent a son is….   He’s my  nephew.  We have no boys here (well except poor hubs), so when Kai came and brought his testosterone, we lovingly called him rent a son and the adventures began.

I like my story of him so much, I wanted to share.  I read it to my mom and she said it was a fantastic Eulogy…LOL…love that woman and her sense of humor.

Anyway….here is my personality sketch of our Rent a Son, Kai…….


Personality Sketch for Kai

Kai Patrick is from Norway.  His Mother (my sister) is American, but of Irish and Romanian descent, and his father is Norwegian.  Kai is 5’11 with brown hair and hazel eyes.  His hair is a little disheveled.  He was born with multiple cowlicks in his hair so he has kept it short most of his life.  This year, he’s let it grow more and found a style that works for him…

Kai is of lean build.  His physique is thin, but he has definition in his muscles.  He’s a bit of a gym rat, but that doesn’t change the fact that his spine is crooked from scoliosis.  He’s been working hard to correct the curvature and his efforts have been paying off.

His culinary tastes are very simple.  He eats like a toddler….  He’s not big on sauces, and could seriously live on In n Out burgers (which he will miss more than us when he leaves), steak, broccoli, quesadillas (which is new from his stay here) and chicken.  Too much flavor sends Kai over the edge.  I once handed him a Mozzarella stick and suffice it to say, he didn’t even bother.  One look at it and he turned around.

Kai came to America this year to graduate as a senior at Capo Valley High School.  He’s one of 5 children; he’s number 3 in the lineup.  His siblings had plans on doing the same, however at the time of their opportunity, both his older brother and sister were involved in the sport of handball, which is not a widely offered sport in America, so they stayed put.  Kai didn’t have the same complication as he has never been as sporty as his siblings.

Kai was born with a heart defect that shaped the course of his life, putting him on a different path.  He has aortic stenosis, a term used for the narrowing of his aortic valve.  Kai is no stranger to hospitals.  He has had multiple surgeries including open heart surgery to replace his valve just over a year ago.

I believe that his heart condition has profoundly impacted who Kai is as a person.

When he was younger, My father, his grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, which ultimately took his life.  Kai was about 18 months old and was present at this time.  After my father’s passing, I was on the phone, relaying details of the service and feeling very sad.  Out of the corner of my eye, I felt a presence staring at me, and in hindsight I realized he’d been there for a while.  When I looked over, I was surprised to see that somehow, this tiny little child had crawled up on a barstool that was at least 1 foot taller than him, and he was staring at me with the biggest scrunchy face smile you have ever seen on a tiny tot.  In that moment, my sadness dissipated and was replaced by hysterical laughter.  From that day on, Kai has been my one and only Scrunchy face.  He reminded me that in the darkest moments, we can find trickles of joy.

In his adolescent years, he was the all or nothing kid; all wonderful, or nothing but a turkey.  He didn’t have a middle ground, but he sure had a temper.

In the last year that he has lived with us, I have seen a wonderful young adult emerging.  His mind is never at rest.  He reads books on social engineering for pleasure. The books that come to the door leave me scratching my head.  And to that end, when he comes walking toward me with his hand on his head (no doubt maintaining his disheveled locks) I know I’m in for at least a 20 minute conversation, because the look in his eyes are clearly sorting out what is on his mind.  I love to listen to how his mind works.  He’s seriously a fascinating creature.  On car rides, I find myself driving slower to hear what he has to say.

It took Kai no time at all to collect a gathering of friends.  In the time he has been here, he has acquired more acquaintances and friends than both my teenage girls put together.  He has no fear.  He lives life in the moment.  He reminds me that worrying about petty things is a ridiculous waste of time.  Manipulating situations to his benefit are a no brainer to Kai, but not in a devious way, more of a brilliant way.

He finds joy in the smallest things and he’s not concerned about death or dying.  He realizes it’s a fact of life and worrying about it will simply strip him of the moment he’s in and that’s not an option.

He is beyond independent.  I hardly worry about him.  His attitude is cocky, but not entitled.  Although I have seen him test the limits a few times, he knows when to push, when to charm and when to back down.  And he always knows when I need a hug….

He loves his grandparents, biological or borrowed.  He is in constant contact with my father in law, which I find delightful.  He uses his resources wisely and will be a brilliant contributor to society.  He has goals and looks forward to new adventures.  I’m so thankful for this one on one time we have had with my (not so little) Scrunchy face.  His mom told me that he will miss us when he has to leave, which may be true… but he’s ready for his next adventure and I’m excited to see where he goes.



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