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I need to talk about the power of friendship…
I have known this girl since about 14 years of age. We don’t see each other on the daily but we are friends through life. She was very much immersed in my family as I was growing up knowing both my mother and my father, my siblings, and ALLLLLLLL the crazy that went on through the years! This girl has dirt on me deeper than most.
Upon hearing about my mom – she reached out to help through this process and I am so thankful. She is going to help cater the reception and was over to discuss details of the event.
Today was a tough one for me … I just had nothing inside me. It was an empty day and an emotional day – tears came out of nowhere before she got here. I was a bit of a mess.
Avery was upstairs doing Mo’s hair and Kimberly came up and started chatting with the girls in my room.
As she chatted, I laid on the bed just wanting to sleep. I listened to Kimberly chatting away with my sister about this and that and out of nowhere Kimberly tackled me on the bed and just hugged me out of nowhere. She saw my
Defeat and acted as only Kimberly would….I didn’t see it coming and she obviously didn’t think twice about tackling my tired ass body and we laid on the bed and we just laughed and hugged and laughed some more.
If you know me and my moods… When I am at a low moment most people sit calmly to chat or avoid me altogether.
But THIS one reacted on gut instinct and over 30 years of history and decided a full body tackle was an order. I won’t lie… I was grateful for the laughter because the emotional exhaustion through all this is a lot. It was a great moment to know that someone could completely let their guard down and react on instinct in a ridiculous yet much needed way and create a memory that will not be forgotten.
Actually … this is what almost 40 yrs of friendship looks like … no makeup … no regrets …
Btw… she and I should never be seated together in church … But that story is for another day…
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