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Today was mostly a quiet day, my back is tweaked, I did some editing and I took a short walk and did the dishes while Chris decided to grab fixings for dinner since he has a new cooking toy… (a Teppan table that fits on the BBQ outside.) He asked if anyone will be home, I told him it’s likely just us, so he bought dinner stuff for two (ish)… Come to find out that Avery decided to bring two friends over for dinner … Chris rose to the occasion and made enough food for all and we had nice conversation over dinner.
Then Aspen comes home (unexpected) but said she is going to her boyfriend’s house to make Cauliflower steaks. No problem. After dinner, Avery and her friends empty the dishwasher and pick up the kitchen (no idea where that came from but YES PLEASE).
After they were done, I get a text from Aspen asking if she can make her dinner with her BF at our house, I said no problem. They come home and started cooking … I ended up getting a call from my sis in law..we end up talking over an hour and a half on the phone (it flies by like it’s five minutes).
Aspen and Josh take their dinner to the back yard over a fire and watch Harry Potter.
Aspen is now in the kitchen doing her dishes while she and Josh are talking about the unfolding events of the Harry Potter movie they are watching. Josh has never seen it so he keeps asking questions, and Aspen is so versed on it, she doesn’t even have to look and see where it’s at as she guides Josh through the characters and events… Meanwhile, I’m now on the couch with my wine and Bridgerton (Chris is probably dozing off since he’s had many 5am mornings) and I’m listening to these 20+ yr old kids discuss Harry Potter in all its glory. It’s the cutest thing ever!
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