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You know, I was watching someone speak online tonight that I found fascinating and full of wisdom. They were 51…my age… I remember seeing my parents at my age thinking they were so amazing and so smart – so OLD…. (and they were on some levels, lol), but now that I’m this age, I still feel like a kid who doesn’t know anything and has nothing to offer. But at the same time, I hold nothing back to anyone when they ask for my opinion or advice and sometimes surprise myself with the things that I know and have to offer. I’m not always right as I only have my perspective…but I realize at my age, how different I am based on my experiences and my beliefs. I realize that my opinions won’t always mesh with others, but I live by what I have learned and how I have chosen and won or lost with every choice. I realized that my wisdom comes from my eyes, ears, and heart and that my evaluations have been built on the faith by which I was raised. My faith has been shaky at best over the years, but I do my best to always give credit where credit is due. I’m thankful for the foundation from which my parents raised me. I didn’t follow the same path, and in that, I have disappointed them. But I have always followed my heart, and in that is deep faith. In this crazy world right now, everything is turned Topsy Turvy. It’s hard to know what to believe. As I listened to this speaker, I realized not only how much I align with them, but I also realized, I’m not a kid anymore even though I doubt myself on the daily. I realized I do have strong convictions and they root in the very basis of how we treat each other, and what we choose to accept from each other. Life is short. The days are long, but the years are short. Now that I have adult children, I see that. There are moments that have defined us in different ways. But what I have learned is integrity takes us far. Respect, love, kindness, understanding…
I don’t know exactly what prompted this writing, but there it is. I think I have realized that A. I’m old… B. I have opinions. C. I have lived and loved and been hurt and survived. D. How we choose to react to a situation can very much define who we are.
This year has been tough. I struggle daily on some level. But I do know I have some ounce of strength to be there for someone who needs me. And I know there are so many out there who are also ready to help if need be.
I do my best to be strong, but I also know when I am weak. I know that I can call out and have people be there for a smile, a chat, or if I really needed…a meal.
I think the power is in realizing what we are capable of and tapping into that. I didn’t realize until this year that my words can really help someone through a moment. I’m grateful to those who have reached out and confided. We ALL have something we can bring to the table in the world of giving back. My husband and I are polar opposites. If you want a heart to heart, call ME…if you want a “pick yourself up by the bootstraps” you call HIM. We are all different, but we all have some special gift that we can give. We are all different for a reason. None are better than the others (unless you are harming people and I have no room for that stuff). Please keep your eyes and ears open for anyone who needs anything. You may be more valuable than you know, you just have to tap into who you are to know where you belong. But we ALL belong somewhere… Give from what you have.
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