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Fun fact… as I saw this picture, memories came flooding back and not in a good way… more of a “this is what my mother had to deal with having me as a child”sort of way…..
In this image you see my mom likely in her late thirties (ish)… snazzy outfit, probably headed out to dinner or something…..
What I SEE in this image is (story time) and not for the faint of heart… In my little kid brain, I saw a launching pad in that dresser to the right and a landing pad in the bed to the left… Only things don’t always go as planned…
Sadly, in my young inept brain, there was a miscalculation of force in my jump. Either I slipped upon launch or just jumped too high and not out far enough because what ended up happening is my feet hit the edge of the bed which launched me back toward the dresser landing my head into the corner, splitting my head open (once again as this was a regular occurrence for me). I was off to the doctor for stitches…
My mother told me if I ever had to shave my head, there would be a roadmap of scars from all the stitches I had as a kid… she’s not wrong… I was a crazy kid and one of five… this lady you see here…she was a BEAST!!!
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