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So, I was in my office going through some stuff and pulled out a few old photo albums to share with Aspen (Avery was gone). It was fun going through old pictures.
A while back, while purging my office to make room for Aspen’s bed, I ran across a ton of old letters from friends and even old boyfriends. I had no idea I had kept them all, but the boxes hadn’t been touched in decades, and reading through them was so fun; I had forgotten so many memories.
Today as I was going through the albums, I found MORE letters, only this time from my dad; letters he’d written to me. I forgot that he wrote these. He was an amazing writer, so passionate and not afraid to say what he felt. One was from a card about “Why God made little girls”. I read the card to Aspen, and then read what dad wrote inside. I was tearing up as I read. Fast forward many years (and flashback to my 27th birthday) and I found an EMAIL (this was in the VERY early days of email) that he wrote to me that was so heartfelt, with his version of the memories he had of me as a child and how ….well, I don’t want to get too gushy, but it was basically of what he saw in me, my personality and my spiritedness as I grew. I was now crying as I read this to Aspen and she had tears in her eyes too…I was pregnant with her when my dad passed from cancer, so all she knows of him is from pictures, stories, and now in his own words…
I’m pretty sure HE is the reason I love to write. And I’m so thankful for all the words and articulation that I have acquired, because nothing gives me greater joy than writing something and having someone affected by it.
That said…I wrote all that to write this….
Don’t underestimate the impact of your words on another.
My kids ask me what I want for any occasion and the truth is, I would LOVE a letter written to me about the impact I have had on them (or anyone for that matter).
I was talking to a friend today who said I’m so nice and I laughed and said, “REALLY? Because I’m a total bitch in my head every single day!”
No one REALLY knows how you feel about them unless you tell them…
I will never forget the first card I got from Chris. (It made me think he was a super sweet tender-hearted guy… and it was part of the reason I fell in love with him…) It said, “We must have known each other in another life, for when I first saw you my heart leaped for joy”. He will deny he ever gave me this card because he’s a big ol (well, lil ol’) tough guy… but those words impacted me so much, I memorized it from 25 yrs ago…it still touches my heart.
If this year has taught you NOTHING…please hear my words….
WRITE YOUR LOVED ONES A LETTER AND LET THEM KNOW HOW THEY HAVE IMPACTED YOU!!! (the more positive the better). Even if it’s just a memory that you had with them that you loved. We need to fill each other’s cups right now. THIS IS THE YEAR.
It’s quite possible I am the only lover of words, but man they can be powerful… Make them count this Christmas and share the love. To find this letter from my dad from 24 yrs ago was the most special thing I could find. I’m so thankful that he took the time to put on paper how he felt and that I could share this with my kids.
It really is the littlest things in life that bring the most impact…If you need help iterating…I know a girl….
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