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Chicken soup is a common classic comfort food ...

Chicken soup is a common classic comfort food that might be found across cultures. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another day; another sick kid!  Okay…same sick kid, but you know what I mean!

She is definitely on the upswing; but let me tell ya….my week is shot to you know what!!

Anything I had planned had to be rearranged, or all together ditched.  And though I’m letting her stay home today, she is on her own.  Thankfully, her fever is gone (I thank the chiropractor and the chicken soup for that), and she has requested chicken soup for breakfast (which the narcissistic side of me is elated).  I told you Chicken soup is the cureall.  I don’t know what it is, but anytime we have chicken soup around the house, people are well.

How did chicken soup become such a cliche?  Maybe because it works; I don’t know.  But whether it’s a placebo or not, I’m sold.

Yesterday when I was at the Chiropractors office, he was telling me that his daughter was sick at college.  It’s her freshman year and when she called home, she was crying to her mom that she felt so awful and she was just REALLY wanting her mom’s chicken soup.  Her mom said, “No problem, I’ll send you some right away, and she did!  All the way to Colorado!  CHICKEN SOUP!!!!!!!

Made me smile big time, because there is always something about ‘mom’s home cooking’!!!

Growing up, my mom didn’t cook a lot, but when she did, she didn’t embellish with a lot of herbs and spices.  So what you got was the good old taste of REAL FOOD!!!

This was an adjustment for me when I started dating my husband.  He loves cooking and experimenting; so his gig was that he wanted to see if he could get the perfect blend of herbs, spices and seasonings.  And though the dishes were good; more  often than not the spices overtook the food.

I never really examined my moms cooking, so I couldn’t put my finger on it; but one day when she was making ham and cabbage, I found myself sucking down the broth – which was perfectly clear and delicious.  No floaty herbs to muddy the waters.  The broth was simply the flavorings from the food that was soaking in it.

Over the years, Chris has backed off the herbs and he’s gotten really good letting the food come through.  One day he made a stuffed peppers with prosciutto, tomatillos and tomatoes.  He grilled it in the barbeque.  It was amazing!!!

Regardless of how I feel, the bottom line is this; No one will cook as well as your own parents.  The proof is in the pudding when I mom sends chicken soup 2000 miles away to her daughter who is sick and lonely.  There is just something about food that brings us comfort.

And as I sit and watch my daughter sip chicken soup for breakfast while sniffling through her red, raw nose, I know that my chicken soup is the best in the world.  The world may not agree, but she does.  And as she is my world, that’s good enough for me!!

Happy Thursday!

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