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Yesterday, I wasn’t  feeling so hot.  My stomach was hurting and I felt like I needed to go to the dr.  I hate Drs.  They guess at what is going on with you, or put you through tons of tests until they get to the confirmed diagnosis of “not sure”.

I was talking to my sis n law about the state of health in our society.  It’s alarming how truly  malnourished we are based on our food choices.  And the truth is, because of all the processed ways of our foods; even the “healthy” choices are less healthy than they were just a few short decades ago.I heard that most of us are dehydrated.  We simply don’t ingest enough fluids to sustain our bodies.  Some people live on diet sodas, many of which have caffeine, which further dehydrates.  I would say for every diet soda you have, you should consume two 8 oz glasses of water to offset the dehydration.

Because our food is so compromised, it’s easy to understand why we are becoming a more diseased society.  Food supplements are good, but your body doesn’t even utilize 100% of those benefits, so it’s still an uphill battle.

Food is meant to help us sustain life!  Fruits, nuts and veggies are a great place to start!!!

Did you know that celery has 23% sodium levels and resembles bones.  And that bones have 23% sodium?

Walnuts support brain function
And everyone knows that carrots are good for eye health
And guess what Avocados help with?
And check this out?
And would you believe sweet potatoes are good for the pancreas?
and ginger is good for the stomach…..
Food actually emulates life!  Now my question is this… many of you are feeding your systems?
After my session with Paula, I went to Sprouts and got some organic veggies.  I actually made a smoothie this morning with beets, chard, apple, and banana.  I decided to forgo the morning coffee as my stomach has been ‘off’.  I can already tell that I made a good decision for my stomach.  It feels calm, and dare I say, “balanced”.
I have a long road ahead of me, but I always say, “Awareness is key”.
What you choose to do with it is entirely up to you.
Happy Tuesday
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